Lech am Arlberg - Austrian Alps

I have been working in the 4.5 star hotel Der Berghof for almost three months now. Unfortunately this year we have seen very little snow compared to the winters before. Thus, off-piste snowboarding, which the Arlberg region is famous for, has been quite difficult. However, we still got more snow than most other resorts in the Alps and you can enjoy some great skiing in this sunny winter season. My work in reservations and reception is quite stressfull on the week-ends but during the week I have got time to get on my board almost every day. Lech is a beautiful but remote mountain village in the Alps. So after enjoying the scenery for a while I really miss some kind of urban culture and nightlife.

Just scroll to the left to see what you have missed out on if you have not been coming to see me in Lech this winter. But I will go back. If not for work at least to spend a holiday. So there might be another chance for you to come with me to Lech and enjoy some skiing on and off the slopes of the Arlberg.

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